Quote "..In fact, some of the biggest names in gay porn are straight: Jeff Stryker, Ryan Idol, Ken Ryker, Lukas Ridgeston..." Unquote.

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Quote "...As for guys like Lukas Ridgeston ... whenever he is asked whether he is gay, bi, or straight, he answers that he is “sexual”. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I am pretty sure he means the injection of Cavarject in his dick and the anal beads up his ass..." Unquote.

Quote "...My favorite straight co-star was one of the most handsome men to ever grace the screen, Pavel Novotny..." Unquote.

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Anonymous said...

Read his article on gay for pay but this guy leaves in a dreamworld I live in Italy and to make something like 30.000 dollars it's like 3 years of work or so I don't want to imagine what it was like ten years or so ago in Eastern Europe. I saw thinking XXX and I already thought this guy was weird but this confirm everything