Bel Ami models sue RSVP gay cruise liner

In 2011 11 Bel Ami models went on a Mediterranean cruise but were kicked off in Tunis by the Cruise ship captain. The Bel Ami models now have filed suit in US Federal Court against RSVP the gay cruise liner. The Bel Ami models claim that RSVP hired them to “mix and mingle” with gay passengers but when they started attracting too much attention from passengers RSVP forced them off the ship, stranding them in Tunis.

Rudko Benko = Luke Hamill (Czech)
Daniel Trnka = ?? (Czech)
Milan Hankovský = Phillipe Gaudin (Slovak)
Michal Karika = Adam Archuleta (Czech)
Petr Mašín = ?? (Czech)
Igor Cafík = Todd Rosset (Slovak)
Adrian Kovacs = Florian Nemec (Hungary)
Tamás Urbán = Julien Hussey (Hungary)
Lukas Gombik = Kevin Warhol (Czech)
Attila Kiss = Elliot Klein (Hungary)
Daniel Ferenčík = Johan Paulik (Slovak)

Colin Hewitt = ??
Jean Daniel Chagall ??
Jack Harrer = ??

You can download the complete document at:

Mick Lovell and Bel Ami photographer Robert Melo were also on the cruise ship but are not on the list.

Bel Ami is represented by Gill Sperlein from San Francisco, Sperlein is also co-owner of Titan Men.