Bel Ami gay porn model Dolph Lambert real name is Petr Buchta,
from Dub-nad-Moravou, CZ

Elton John and David Furnish's St Tropez holiday crew: A tennis pro, male model and a gay porn model

Fake Twitter account


Anonymous said...

Dont like the fact that Elton is fucking with Dolph, makes me feel like Dolph is abit like a dirty street boy.

It might give Dlph some extra cash sucking Elton but maybe the fame will cost him more. Now both his fans, family and friens will know he s nothing but a simpel prostitte.

Anonymous said...

... like most Bel Ami boys..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

You two really judgemental towards porn stars.Yet,you love them,I'm sure.Otherwise,why are you here?