Bel Ami gay porn model Scott Reeves real name is Hontzik Seidl
Born 18 May 1989

His Girlfriend is Bay Štimplová

Works at the public transport company of Prague,
His Football club is A.F.K. Union Žižkov,

Friends are Jiřík Hnát & Jan Kovář

Michaela Petrová, Tereza Holečková, Zuzka Vyšehradská, Nikola Ctiborova, Lucie 'Amazonka' Blažková, Michaela Kůrková, Jan Horníček, Pískající Pete, Anežka Turková, Martin Dašek, Andrea Dašková, Patricie Lochmanová, Kamila Mušková

Hontzik Seidl (aka Scott Reeves aka Shane Barrett aka Jaydon) is a professional gay porn model.

At Bel Ami he uses the name Scott Reeves

At he uses the name of Shane Barrett.
You can watch him in the movies "Steam" & "More Tales 4"

For he is on the on the cover of Falcon International (FIC047) "Body to Body".

At he is using the name Jaydon.

Other movies are: "Super Size Me!" & "The Nutcracker"


Anonymous said...

Interesting! I see him holding a ciggy between his fingers in one of the pictures!!! I don't like that! What's up with so many of these Bel Ami boys smoking?

I wonder if he still works for BA

Oh! He's not exactly handsome handsome.So I'm not upset that he's straight.Take that! ha ha!

Checked his FB. He LOOVES cats! He has so many pictures of his beloved tabby.

He works at JARO modelling agency. I think he's still part of Bel Ami as there were pictures of him with Adam Archuleta in South Africa. The two of them seem like best buds.

Anonymous said...

The man is dead sexy and can be a great top. Unfortunately, BA's direction often limits their models and it is rare for them to be filmed performing really enthusiastically