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Profile number 11287688

31, 187 cm, 79 kg - 6'2", 174 lbs
Czech Republic, Prague

Handsome sexy young man offer a great company 4 any occasion
The one of the Formers of BellAmi and model would like to meet someone that is nice and caring.I can stay in Czech Republic or move elsewhere in the world.


Nice to see an update on him!

In the old Bel Ami gossip website,his profile was a DATING one.Not an escort one.In that one,he was looking for a lover.Here,he is looking for either one,it seems.Hmmmmm...........So he is one Bel Ami boy who one of us can HAVE! Who will get him first???

Anonymous said...

I actually met him last year.....he is a washed up mess. Doesn't have a job, has aged a lot more than I would have expected, and he's got a serious OCD tick....constantly twitching and sniffing loudly. He also is bitter as hell...clearly misses the attention from the days when he could pull off a porn career. He is wanting/expecting a sugar daddy to sweep him off his feet, but not just anyone...he thinks he deserves a first class rock star life. In our hour long meeting he talked about little else than his long list of expectations....big expensive vacations, free spending allowance. It was a really sad meeting. I think he might actually have a mental illness....he was rambling on about how his stepfather should give him money because he has a lot....and he (Connery) is broke.....but not like, 'it would be nice if he did', but as if the guy owes it to him and he feels slighted by him, and frankly the rest of the world. Sad, sad, sad. Can't recommend anyone putting in the effort to meet up with this guy.