Bel Ami gay porn model Adam Archuleta real name is Michal Karika

His name on Facebook is Míšánek Kára


He is sooo cute! Another Bel Ami cutie baby! But I see that he's losing his little boy looks by getting muscular.Still very attractive though!

He has an adorable little chihuahua! They look good together!

I am quite surprised to see Lucas Ridgeston in picture number 20! So they(Lucas and Adam)were in Bali,Indonesia together? Just the two of them? For a holiday? As friends? hee heee!!!! Seeing that picture makes me giddy! I've fantasized about Lucas and Adam doing a scene together.Not a sex scene,but a daddy+little boy scene! Lucas having a naked Adam on his lap and cuddling,hugging and kissing him like he is his little beloved cutie boy!

Anonymous said...

The Adam's interview for belami he said "I do boh girls and guys and can't tell what's better" and told first sexual experience off camera with a guy, he is bisexual or lying.

Anonymous said...

There is a comment by Kenji Vaio (Andre Boleyn) is his page and they are in some pictures together in Kenji's photos.

I was taking a look in Billy Cotton's page and saw that his wife is pregnant and there's a kid that appears in tons of photos that i assume is his son or at least a step son.

"The Adam's interview for belami he said "I do boh girls and guys and can't tell what's better" and told first sexual experience off camera with a guy, he is bisexual or lying."

He said he is looking for a girl in some profile page of his.There's a post of it in this site.

There's a good chance that he is lying about doing guys off camera.I've noticed that the Bel Ami and it's boys tend to do that probably to maintain or increase their appeal by saying that they have a boyfriend or that they are bisexual or that they're looking for either a guy or girl.Look at Lucas Ridgeston! You don't see pictures of him with a boyfriend but only girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

I don't know JJ.I've heard Florien nemec saying he doesn't have a boyfriend because of his porn work in a interview to some amsterdam program that used to be on Youtube but was taken off, but then a porn star Ludovic Cadinot (if i'm not mistaking the name) took a picture of him jacking off to straight porn before a scene (it's here on the blog), and I also saw profile pages o him saying his interests are beautiful girl.

But on the other hand belami models don't have to do it since most of their public knows that great part of the models is "gay-for-pay).Some have kids, many of them put "interested in women" in their profiles

Ah! Yes yes.I know that.It was some interview with this tall guy asking him if he had a boyfriend and if his parents knew about him doing porn.I've watched it.

And yes,I have seen that picture of him on Ludovic's blog of him Florian jacking off to straight porn.

Yea,I guess it's no secret that most of them are not gay,let alone bisexual.

But I just want them so much!!!

Anonymous said...

JJ Czech boys are the only ones that can convince on the gay-for-pay think Czechhunter is the only website where first time scenes look realistic.

But I still think there are bisexual boys on Bel Ami.Alex Orioli is one that a think that is really into having sex with guys.

From what I understood watching czech boys is that that most of them think the big deal is being identified as gay not having sex with guys.And Bel Ami is blocked there so probably their friends don't know what they do, so we are never going to know the truth through facebook pages.

Yes,I'm sure there are bisexual boys on Bel Ami.They've had at least two gay boys :Ralph Woods and Andre Pagnol.

As for Alex Orioli,well,I see many of them looking into it.Enthusiastic.

Even the ones who claim to be bi end up with women.My favourite Sebastian Bonnet,in an interview with Gio,quickly pointed out that he was bisexual when he was married to a woman.

Then look at Julien Hussey's profile on flirt4free.He even lists himself as GAY when there are pictures on this site of him with his girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Most of the BelAmi boys identify as straight although they might be gay or at least bisexual. The social-political climate in the Czech Republic was for a very long time anti-gay. Only last year the first Gay Pride was held in Prague. Things are changing but this goes slowly. Especially the villages in the countryside are strongly homophobe. So for someone from these areas it is not so easy to come out of the closet and say "I am gay".

That some BA models have photos where they pose with a girl does not necessarily mean they are straight. Could be an alibi or a thing from some time ago. I for one don't believe Kevin Warhol is straight. I think he is gay, as are Todd Rossett, Vadim Farrell and Alex Orioli. I believe Val Horner is/was in a relationship with a guy.

I have to admit that to see some guys with their girlfriends (JD Chagall, Jim Kerouac) is not good for fantasizing about these models. But then again, many guy gays love the unattainable straight boy cliche so no doubt BA can get away with this without any problem, notwithstanding the growing current dissatisfaction with the g4p model.

Anonymous said...

Yep, in this one Jean is the only one that seems to be looking at porn at times

But then again they don't even try to hide it, indicating that they wanted us to see it, not to mention that a lot of staight guys sites have boys looking at porn acting bored just for us to find out later they are out in real life...

I guess it's a useless discussion we can't avoid falling into from time to time and in the end only them (pherheos no teven them) know about their own sexuality.

Anonymous said...

I love u.your cock is so good and big.u r so cute.I like to sex with u in all types of sex,like to work as a top and bottom also.:

If you look Adam Archuleta's facebook page,at the About section,you will see he that he chose MEN as the gender he is interested in. Hmmmmmmmmmmm........I wonder if it's a mistake. He sure doesn't seem gay to me at all.