Bel Ami gay porn model Max Orloff (aka Pavel Novotny) real name is Jaroslav Jiřík
Born on 5 February 1977

Old story from November 2009

Pavel Novotny and his friend were arrested in Cuba in March 2009 for causing a fight at Havana airport and have been sentenced to eight months in prison.

Zdeněk Tovara, 25, and Jaroslav Jiřík (= gay porn model Pavel Novotny), 32, were arrested for public disorder, damaging property and resisting arrest. Pavel and his friend arrived drunk at the airport and continued drinking there. Then a fight broke out between them, they caused damage to airport shops with a baseball bat and they shouted slogans against the communist leaders of Cuba - Fidel Castro and Raul.

Zdeněk Tovara was George Michael’s Czech lover

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Cuban prisons are terrible.