He is gorgeous!!!!!!!! I want him!

How old is he now? I can't believe he is Czech! He looks so Latin!!!! You would think he's an Italian!

How did he end up hanging out with the Valentino man??

Anonymous said...

What is Tim Hamilton aka David Faila up to these days?
The All-American Boy from Prague.

He's a fitness trainer and a something else.

I think you wanted to respond to the Tim post.Instead,you responded to the one on Marc Vidal.

A poster posted this in the Kevin Ateah escort post which I think was intended for this marc vidal post :

Hi, I'm an Italian man, I saw Marc Vidal with Giancarlo Giammetti and the stylist Valentino at the opening party of Gagosian Gallery in Roma in December 2007, at the end of the party Marc (Lukas) left with Mr. Giammetti and VALENTINO!!!!

So based on that^ I'm guessing these pictures of Marc are old? Or Marc has been in touch with the Valentino people ever since...