You can book Bel Ami gay porn models: Richie Tyler & Milo Peters

Managing Director: Josef Ther
Phone: +491 758 550 578
Skype: josef.ther14

Project manager: Jan Lukac
Phone: +420 608 665 434


I'm skeptical about Milo Peters being on this site. He is listed as 29 and according to Bel Ami he and his brother started at 18 and it has not been 10 years since their debut

Wow! This is a suprise! Milo Peters involved? Also,his age listed there: 29 years old? I thought he would be turning 22 this year.

Another is his height.In an interview in Johan's Journal,one of Peters Twins said he is almost 6',the other said he is 6' tall.

I wonder which is true?

Anonymous said...

this "agency" is fake !!!

Anonymous said...

what makes you think it's a fake?