Bel Ami gay porn model Kris Evans real name is Csaba Szigeti 

The father of Kris Evans died at the age of 52 (19 June 1962 - 2 April 2014)


Oh my god!

This is shocking and really sad! 52 is not an age to die! That is still an early death. Even George Duroy is older than his dad.

I hope Kris weathers this well and recovers. I hope he gets all the love support he needs.

Notary said...

So sorry for your loss, Kris.

Anonymous said...

Tim Hamilton is dead

Anonymous said...

tim hamilton is dead

Anonymous said...

That's not ex-BA Tim Hamilton is dead, that's a sportsman with the same name. Sorry for him.

Does Kris have any siblings? I wonder if that other boy in the picture is his brother. That tall,young and handsome one.

Anonymous said...

whats the link of his facebook profile????