Bel Ami gay porn model Rocco Alfieri real name is Jirka Turek
His nickname is George Tuřín


Thank you for the updates! I looooove this guy. He is SO HOT & the fact that there is proof that he's straight(or possibly bi) makes him that much hotter to me.
I love seeing these gorgeous lads make love to each other knowing that they're just typical str8 jock douche-bag assholes.
This guy in particular, when he's bottoming raw for Jim Kearuac in that huge orgy a while was the standout moment. I just LOVE gay4pay guys. Itt's kind of my fetish. Fantastic guys & fantastic blog!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but looking at Rocco's strange haircut... how old are those photos? It looks that they're made before his arrival at BA. BTW, BA boys are simply not allowed to have their social net pages.