Bel Ami gay porn model Alex Orioli real name is Pavol Werfer
Born: 3 September 1981

He works as a masseur @ "WER že FER" & "Salón Catrinna" & "Angel Relax Center"

"WER že FER"
Prof. Hlaváča 1890/40
07101 Michalovce
Telefón: 0944 341 763
Telefón: 0911 120 426

"Salón Catrinna"
Peknikova 7
841 02 Bratislava
Telefón: Katka 0902 558 022
Telefón: Pavol 0944 071 262

"Angel Relax Center"
Rovniakova 9
851 02 Bratislava
Telefón: 0911 080 896
Telefón: 0944 071 262


Anonymous said...

Yup! Fans of Bel Ami should know that he's a masseur.

Johan Paulik mentioned this on one of his posts on his Johan's Journal in 08 or 09.He also mentioned that Lukas is one of his customers.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know he was already 30 years old.I wonder if he still does videos for Bel Ami.

He really has this Latin lover look about him.

Anyway,now,Bel Ami boy lovers have the chance to travel to Slovakia to "enjoy" a Bel Ami.he heeee...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these really interesting news about one of my favourite Belami performers! Alex was so long time incognito, now we know more about him :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey at all,

I really like to know what the hell is wrong in that world ? Why you are soo horny when you know the real name of that porn stars ? I think all the boys had really hard life. Let them theire privacy and enjoy your fantasys....

Anonymous said...

...and because you want to enjoy your fantasies only, you're viewing this site =D