Bel Ami gay porn model Jim Kerouac real name is Máté Bárácz

His Girlfriend is Petronella Kovács


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! They are in Dubai! Sheesh! What's up with everyone going to Dubai?

Bel Ami boy with girlfriend info and pictures are just disillusioning.We gays all want them!

Anonymous said...

85% of all BelAmi Boys are Straight or Bisexuell. Most of them are in relation with girl. Many of them are married.
Maybe we need find out, who are really gay. I am sure, its really hard to find anyone... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeap! I know that.Though I think the figure is much higher.The only gay ones I can think of are Ralph Woods and Andre Pagnol.

I just find it strange how straight guys can be so into gay sex as you see in the videos.

Anonymous said...

The new facebook profile of him is:

he changed his name on it to "Mt brcz"

Anonymous said...

His new facebook profile is

He polly changed his name to avoid exposition.