Bel Ami gay porn model Harris Hilton real name is Dénes Varga (Dennis Varga)
His Facebook :
Escort profile number: 14877706

I am a Real Belami Porn Star. I am always Horny. JUST FEW DAYS IN THE TOWN!!!!!
I am very good unisex, sucking, massage, kiss,no bare just safe sex.
I am here just a few days....


I wonder if he is still with Bel Ami since he is escorting.

Anonymous said...

what is unisex?

"what is unisex?"

I guess either sex. I mean, it's like barbers listing they are unisex - they service men and women.

Anonymous said...

he s not an escort * I m not sure the guy on facebook is Harris

Anonymous said...

I ; not sure the guy on facebook is Harris

My god! Check out his FB! He's a druggie!!!

Anonymous said...

He's is the best of all Bel Ami times... I've seen him in Amstredam smokin' two big fat joints at the same damn time. Maybe he likes to smoke weed but he was much more intelligent than most of the Bel Ami boyz'll ever be... And that's his real FB he just ain't usin it bithes!